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We have incredible capacity as humans to adapt to our environments.

Think of the ‘Sea Nomads’ who’ve lived in the Philippines for thousands of years. They’re the best free-divers in the world, hunt underwater with spears and have evolved different spleens with different oxygen metabolisms to you and I.

Or Tibetan populations who live at altitudes of 4,000m all year round, again for thousands of years and have evolved different blood content (more Red Blood Cells) to you and I.

As for us in The West, a recent article would have you believe our adaptations towards the future thousand years will be dire.

Enter Mindy.

Now, do not misconstrue Mindy as an accurate prediction of the future. I believe it was the intention of this 3D model to shock, as is normal practice these days for headlines to stand out from the noise and grab the readers’ attention. It’s even stated in the source article:

“Her anatomical changes are exaggerated. But she represents some grounded, scientifically-based concerns that businesses need to bear in mind.”

At present, it’s hard to imagine spending a day without smartphones, let alone a few hours. Fear of missing out on a time-sensitive email, cutting yourself off from access to infinite knowledge and losing contact with friends all across the globe. Technology’s influence over these fears are limitless, and let me ask you. As the competence of technology only increases, do you think these pressures will let up?

And it’s with this in mind that I posit to you that Yoga is insanely practical, now more than ever. To spend time on the skill of being present and mindful. The more present and mindful you are in your use of tech, where a healthy symbiotic relationship is established, the less opportunity your smartphone has to dominate this relationship and sap from your health and wellbeing. It’s no wonder that the people who create these technologies actively limit their children’s screen time.

Dedicate some time away from the screen for your health and wellbeing, and experience your free class below, I'd love to practice with you in Salisbury:

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