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About Me
Yoga Classes In Salisbury By Certified Yoga Instructor

James Boulton

Experienced Yoga Teacher, Salisbury.
Qualified under the expertise of Jamie Clarke & Dulce Aguilar in 2019.

The enduring value in practicing an art, lies in its serving as a vehicle; which to express yourself. And through such expression, to come to understand yourself better - physically & mentally speaking - through a progressive knowledge of both your limitations and capabilities. Not everyone can do everything, and that's ok. Nobody's perfect. I pride myself in providing a safe space, where you will not be judged.
Do you lose hours at a time on social media? Do you lose yourself being super productive at work whilst your body and mind slowly tenses up? In my Yoga practice, we spend time offline to slow down, check in with ourselves consistently and learn about the micro and macro world that is us. A 'software update' of the self if you will, as it’s easy to lose sight of the self and take on acquired behaviours that don’t serve us. The insight that Yoga can provide has never been so valuable.

I trained under Emma Le Roux as a student for two years. We worked hard and honed in on our passion for ‘movement as a medicine’. She tutored me on developing my understanding of the human body on an anatomical level, and how it applies to our yoga practice. One lesson (of many) that fascinates me is how physical emotion is; the body never forgets, and we're all unique in carrying our stories in all our being. Through our practice, we can gain insight into these stories, understand them and make peace with how they've shaped our lives. See that at the core, is a human being trying their best.

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